Executive education


Interactive Workshops in Digital Transformation represent a fast (between 1 and 2 days), smart and cost-effective way to get your key people at level on various digital topics (see the list of modules below).

Every Interactive Workshop is designed in such a way that it meets everyone’s expectations within the organization. They are always prepared upfront in a collaborative mode to uncover expectations and specificities.


All our modules follow the same four-step methodology

  1. Discover. An introduction to the topic and a description of the basic concepts made made by one or more experts.
  2. Learn. A deep dive into a case study with open discussion on pre-determined questions. The session in small working groups is facilitated by the trainers who will moderate the discussion.
  3. Co-create. A creative session during which participants are invited to reflect on the implications of what they learned in “Discover” and “Learn” steps for their own organization.
  4. Measure. A few months later, the impact of the interactive training is evaluated by making use of the KPIs which were defined upfront.

“The format of the workshop was very much appreciated. The small group discussions allowed for the emergence and confrontation of various points of view. […] There are three reasons why I would recommend this type of training without hesitation. First, to bring several people in the company up to speed on a given subject. Secondly, it is the fact that we can be challenged on ideas that we already had internally before the workshop. The outside viewpoint is really useful from this perspective. Finally, it is the active participation of everyone, the fact that there is a shared willingness to co-create has now become essential in the life of the company.”
Valentin Cogels, CEO Immoweb

Modules & Topics