HEC Digital Lab Virtual Event 2021

The HEC Digital Lab is pleased to invite you to its 2021 virtual event, which will focus on a topic at the core of its activities: “Industry 4.0: Challenges and Perspectives”

  • Discover the HEC Digital Lab’s initiatives in terms of Industry 4.0.
  • Let yourself be inspired by Henrik von Scheel, world-renowned speaker, best known as the originator and vanguard of Industry 4.0 (talk: Demystify the 4th Industrial Revolution with the originator*).
  • Listen to the main Walloon “Industry of the Future” stakeholders: Willy Borsus – Vice-President of Wallonia and Minister for Digital, Bernard Delvaux – CEO Sonaca, Olivier de Wasseige – DG Union Wallonne des entreprises,  Sébastien Durieux – Vice-President SRIW, Benoît Hucq – Director Agence du Numérique, Jean-Luc Maurange – CEO John Cockerill).
  • Discover the new certificate in Digital Transformation in collaboration with HEC Liège Executive Education, and more specifically the Industry 4.0 thematic training provided by Dorothée Kohler and Jean-Daniel Weisz.



  • 18:00 Opening
  • 18:30 Beginning of the Event
  • 20:30 End of the event


  • Henrik VON SCHEEL

    Industry 4.0 Originator
  • Willy BORSUS

    Vice-President of Wallonia, Minister for Digital
  • Bernard DELVAUX

    CEO Sonaca
  • Olivier DE WASSEIGE

    Administrateur délégué UWE
  • Sébastien DURIEUX

    Vice-President SRIW
  • Benoît HUCQ

    Directeur Agence du Numérique
  • Jean-Luc MAURANGE

    CEO John Cockerill
  • Dorothée KOHLER

    Founder Kohler C&C
  • Jean-Daniel WEISZ

    Partner Kohler C&C
  • Sandra DELFORGE

    Director Corporate Relations HEC Liège
  • Wilfried NIESSEN

    General Director & Dean HEC Liège
  • Sylvie-Anne PIETTE

    Director HEC Liège Executive Education

Free event – registration required. A link to access the virtual event will be provided upon registration.

*Keynote speech by Henrik von Scheel: “Demystify the 4th Industrial Revolution with the originator

Welcome to the most disruptive period in human history. We live today in a world of radically changes, called the 4th Industrial Revolution, which fundamentally alters every aspect of our lives, business, economy, environment and society. Yet it remains poorly understood. Move beyond the hype and get the latest insight and practical advise from the originator himself.