Seminar : AI-VOLUTION : Application of artificial intelligence in business

This training course, organized by the Digital Lab and HEC Liège Executive Education, offers two days of hands-on workshops to discover and learn how to exploit various AI tools.

From copywriting to marketing, including legal field, training, creativity and strategy, explore AI tools and solutions to optimize your processes. Appreciate the latest technologies and master how to use them to improve your business performance. Join us and boost your digital transformation!


  • 09:00 DAY 1
  • 09:00 Integrate AI into your daily life ▶ Introduction to AI in a business context ▶ Exploring revolutionary advances in AI Introduction and strategic vision ▶ Discovering several real-world applications and opportunities for businesses ▶ Understanding key technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing and more.
  • 13:30 Leverage AI / LLM generative tools: Using ChatGPT and other tools ▶ Using ChatGPT to generate ideas for innovative products and services ▶ Content generation exercises: legal, HR, marketing, technical ▶ Using LLM (Language Model Generation) tools to develop a marketing and communications plan.
  • 16:30 END OF DAY 1
  • 09:00 DAY 2
  • 09:00 Creativity & Graphic Work ▶ Using MidJourney to create logo and design prototypes, Dall-E and Mid- Journeyto generate brand-related images ▶ Using Resemble, D-ID, Adobe Firefly, Google... and other tools to create presentation videos and slideshows
  • 13:30 Productivity & Final Report ▶ Calculation, formulas, tableas ▶ Discovering artificial intelligence features built into spreadsheets ▶ Exploring advanced analysis tools for data-driven decision making ▶ Using AI to automate complex calculation and optimization tasks.
  • 16:30 END OF DAY 2


  • Dominque MANGIATORDI

    CEO & Founder // ØPP

Dominique Mangiatordi is a digital entrepreneur specializing in engagement techniques, cognitive biases and gamification. He uses AI on a daily basis in his projects and within his teams, notably in creation and design (Greight agency) and in IT and project development (ØPP Studio).