Seminar : e-commerce to other countries

This training organized by the HEC Digital Lab and HEC Liège Executive Education will enable you to manage the commercial and operational challenges of e-commerce.


  • 09:00 FOCUS ON (INTERNATIONAL) E-COMMERCE ▶ Statistics: which countries to target? ▶ Main success/failure factors in e-commerce ▶ Some examples ▶ How to sell online? Via a marketplace and/or an e-commerce platform? Advantages and disadvantages of the 2 formulas. How to make a choice?
  • 10:45 HOW TO BRING VISITORS TO YOUR E-COMMERCE WEBSITE? ▶ (Reminder of) good practices in e-marketing - Taking into account the linguistic specificities and national cultural habits // HOW TO SEDUCE THE VISITOR AND CONVERT THEM INTO A CUSTOMER ON YOUR E-COMMERCE? ▶ (Reminder of) good practices in ergonomics, e-merchandising, e-commerce conversion - reminder of the regulations on the online ordering process
  • 14:00 HOW TO SERVE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS? ▶ Online collection: online payment solutions and providers to consider depending on the targeted countries - Fraud management ▶ Logistics (challenges and different approaches; organization of inventory, shipments, and returns) - Focus on the specific case of Germany
  • 15:30 HOW TO SERVE INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS (part 2) ▶ Regulations regarding the right of withdrawal and after-sales service ▶ Sectoral regulations ▶ Specific rules in e-commerce regarding the application of intra-community VAT
  • 17:15 Conclusions and closing exchanges


  • Damien JACOBS

    Founder // RETIS Consulting

Active for more than 25 years in the field of digital transformation, Damien Jacobs is a certified expert in e-commerce and e-marketing. He runs the specialized consulting firm RETIS. Damien is also a lecturer and trainer in Belgium (HEC Liège – ULiège,…), in Luxembourg, and in France. He has published, among other works, “e-commerce : les bonnes pratiques pour réussir” (e-commerce: best practices to succeed) (Editions Edipro).