Seminar : NWOW & Paperless

This training, organised by the HEC Digital Lab and HEC Liège Executive Education, will enable you to understand what the implementation of a paperless policy implies for the individual and the organisation.


  • 09:00 ▶ Prerequisites and links to other NWOW projects ▶ Analysis tools - Organisational diagnosis: mapping of key processes, work organisation (division, coordination, etc.)
  • 10:45 ▶ Analysis tools - Stakeholder mapping: decision-making, relationships between stakeholders (issues, assets, strategic alliances, means of action) ▶ Interrelationships of these elements with the paperless project (reciprocal interactions): identify the potential impacts and issues that the project will constitute as well as the feedback effects
  • 13:00 ▶ Lecture and tool presentation: needs analysis and solution selection ▶ Lecture and tool presentation: risk management
  • 14:45 ▶ Implementation: Analysis and implementation exercises in sub-groups, based on real cases, on anticipating the impacts of paperless on processes, risk analysis and management, the effects of project management style, and the interplay of actors
  • 16:30 ▶ Debriefing, cross-sectional analysis and conclusion


  • Giseline RONDEAUX

    Researcher at LENTIC and NWOW-SME coordinator // ULiège

Giseline has a PhD in Management Sciences and is a researcher at HEC Liège at the LENTIC (Laboratoire d’Etudes sur les Nouvelles formes de Travail, l’Innovation et le Changement). She is the coordinator of NWOW-PME, an inter-university platform of NWOW best practices for SMEs, and accompanies several projects in companies.

For more information, visit the HEC Liège Executive Education  website.