Seminar : For a professional visualization of your company data

Today, companies have a large volume of unstructured data at their disposal. The success of a company’s digital transformation depends on its ability to share and exploit this data effectively.
To decipher, consolidate and synthesize data from a variety of channels, and thus inform decision-making, data visualization has become an essential solution.
Business intelligence tools such as Tableau software, by enabling each employee to build his or her own dashboards, allow everyone to access information in real time, get to the heart of the matter, and gain in productivity.
In this one-day training course on data visualization, you’ll discover how to implement dynamic data summaries using Tableau Desktop.
Through hands-on exercises, you’ll learn how to master the software’s essential features to build complete, detailed views of your data.

Thanks to this data visualization training course, discover the features of Tableau software and build innovative dashboards to explore your data in depth.

This seminar is organized by the Digital Lab and HEC Liège Executive Education.


  • 08:45 Welcoming participants
  • 09:00 Getting to grips with the software: essential concepts ▶ Connecting to data: single-source and cross-source ▶ Cross-tables, measures and dimensions ▶ Filtering, sorting, formatting
  • 10:45 Represent data using appropriate graphs ▶ Pie chart, bar chart, histogram, trend line, scatter plot,... ▶ Combined graphs, double axis ▶ Geolocalized data
  • 13:30 In-depth data analysis with calculated fields ▶ Simple calculated fields ▶ Measurement and aggregation ▶ Fast table calculations
  • 15:30 Building and sharing dashboards ▶ Interactive dashboards ▶ Dynamic actions ▶ Sharing options
  • 17:15 Debriefing and closing exchanges


  • Stéphanie AERTS

    Program Manager within the Operational Excellence Program team

Stéphanie is currently Program Manager in the Operational Excellence Program unit. Her mission is to rethink and transform internal processes by developing an integrated information system, and to reinforce the use of Business Intelligence. With a PhD in Statistics since 2018, Stéphanie also teaches data management and data analysis (visualization, prediction tools, machine learning) at HEC Liège. She has carried out several consultancy assignments to support companies in their data analysis or dashboard implementation projects.