Seminar : Towards a "more sustainable" IT

Digital transformation is a priority for many companies and is a critical component of the energy transition. However, its negative impacts on the environment are severely underestimated and can negate other efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. Understanding, controlling and reducing the environmental impacts of a company’s digital services is, therefore, an essential part of its CSR strategy. But how to do it concretely?

This seminar is organized by HEC Liège Executive Education  and the HEC Digital Lab.



  • 08:45 Day 1
  • 09:00 State of Play - Quiz and General Introduction: ▶ Understanding the nature of the impacts: • Life cycle and life cycle assessment • Perimeters, units, emission factors • Environmental indicators • Key figures, trends and outlook
  • 11:00 State of play - Sustainable IT: ▶ Benchmarks and barometers ▶ The legislative and regulatory framework (international and national) ▶ Labels, standards and benchmarks
  • 12:30 Workshop #1: Sustainable IT Calculators
  • 13:45 Best Practices: ▶ Tour of the park: • The workstation • Telephony • Printing • Data centers ▶ Eco-design of digital services.
  • 15:30 Best practices (part 2): ▶ Data (flow and storage) ▶ End of life
  • 17:00 Workshop #2: Site audit and simulation
  • 17:30 End of Day 1
  • 08:45 Day 2
  • 09:00 Implementing a Sustainable IT Strategy and Project: ▶ Strategy and governance ▶ Outreach, training, and communication
  • 11:15 Implementing a Sustainable IT Strategy and Project (part 2): ▶ Framework checklists
  • 13:15 Case study (group work): "A sustainable IT strategy and its action plan for a given company"
  • 15:00 Case study (plenary session): "A sustainable IT strategy and its action plan for a given company" Case study (plenary session): "A sustainable IT strategy and its action plan for a given company"
  • 16:30 Conclusions and closing exchanges
  • 17:30 End of Day 2


  • Olivier VERGEYNST

    Director // Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT

    Founder // Association Point de M.I.R (Maison de l'Informatique plus Responsable)

Olivier Vergeynst : Green IT consultant certified jointly by GreenIT.fr and the University of La Rochelle, Olivier is the director of the Belgian Institute for Sustainable IT asbl, whose purpose is to help companies, organizations and individuals to achieve a sustainable digital transition, both from an environmental and social point of view.

Bela Loto Hiffler : A graduate of Paris Dauphine, Bela is the founder of the Point de M.I.R Association (Maison de l’Informatique plus Responsable), whose objective is to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of digital technology. She has published Le son sur le web (Dunod, 2002), Les éco-gestes informatiques au quotidien (Ademe, 2017) and more recently, Le guide d’un
numérique plus responsable (Ademe, 2020). For CIGREF, she wrote the report “From Green IT to Green by IT, examples of applications in large companies” in 2016.

For more information on this seminar and our Certificate in Digital Transformation, visit the HEC Liège Executive Education website.