Seminar : Towards a more sustainable IT

Digital transformation is a priority for many companies and is a critical component of the energy transition. However, its negative impacts on the environment are severely underestimated and can negate other efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. Understanding, controlling and reducing the environmental impacts of a company’s digital services is, therefore, an essential part of its CSR strategy. But how to do it concretely?

This seminar is organized by HEC Liège Executive Education  and the HEC Digital Lab.


  • 08:30 DAY 1 : Welcoming the participants
  • 09:00 Round table: Presentation of the day's program and the participants
  • 09:30 Participatory workshop #1: Understanding the main ecological and social issues of digital technologies ▶ Digital pollution in all its forms
  • 11:00 Participatory Workshop #1 (continued): Understanding the main ecological and social issues of digital technologies ▶ Focus on social, geopolitical and economic conflicts related to raw materials.
  • 13:45 Participatory workshop #2: Debate, act and carry solutions for a more sustainable IT. ▶ Acting individually (as a citizen, user,...) ▶ Acting collectively (as a business, policy, society,...)
  • 15:30 Round table: Synthesis and conclusion of the first three workshops
  • 16:00 The regulatory framework around digital technology (EU, BE): State of play and perspectives
  • 08:30 DAY 2 : Welcoming the participants
  • 09:00 Participatory workshop #3: Sustainable IT ▶ Objectives, main axes and methodologies
  • 11:15 Participatory Workshop #3 (continued): Sustainable IT ▶ Implementation in an organization.
  • 13:15 Participatory workshop #4: Taking action - what are the best practices? ▶ Workplace, Impressions, Architecture
  • 15:00 Participatory Workshop #4 (continued): Taking action - what are the best practices? ▶ Data Centers, Digital Services ▶ Ecodesign
  • 16:00 Round table: Synthesis, conclusions and closing exchanges

About Steve Tumson:

Steve’s initial training as a mechatronics engineer reflects his curiosity and his desire to understand and solve complex systems. His various activities as a consultant, trainer, coach, speaker and teacher demonstrate a real passion for sharing knowledge and supporting change management. As a pro-bono, he is also co-founder of the AlterNumeris Collective (reflection on the challenges of the digital society), co-president of the EFDD association (educating and training for sustainable development) and co-president of AILouvain (network of 10,000 alumni graduates of the Polytechnic of Leuven).

For more information on this seminar and our Certificate in Digital Transformation, visit the HEC Liège Executive Education website.