Seminar: Customer Experience in the Digital Era

Customer Experience in the Digital Era: enhance your customer’s experience and design exciting journeys.

Thanks to this seminar, you will be able to understand, design and implement innovative customer experience and journeys, with a human-centered approach and with the purpose of creating and capturing value. You will discover how to create and reinforce engagement thanks to behavioral design and gamification. You will benefit from examples and proven technique applications to improve your customer experience and design captivating journeys.

This seminar is organised by the HEC Executive School  and the HEC Digital Lab.


  • 09:00 ▶ Discover: The power of the digital customer experience (DCX): overview, theory and focus on storytelling. ▶ Learn: DCX Mapping: tools and techniques for visualizing experiences. ▶ Co-create: DCX Mapping: applied workshop.
  • 13:00 ▶ Discover: The foundations of behavioral and UX design, gamification and augmented reality. ▶ Learn: Enhancing CXD for your business with behavioral UXdesign, gamification and augmented reality. ▶ Co-create : Application of the CXD enhancement technique to your business.
  • 17:00 End of the seminar


  • Laurence Dessart

    Laurence DESSART

    Professor in the Marketing and innovation department group of HEC Liège
  • Dominique MANGIATORDI

    Digital marketing entrepreneur and gaming enthusiast

Laurence Dessart is a professor in the Marketing and Service Innovation group at HEC Liège. She has worked in the online marketing sector in Shanghai for an advertising network and holds a PhD in marketing from the University of Glasgow (UK).

Dominique Mangiatordi is a digital marketing entrepreneur and gamification enthusiast, founder of the digital agency Globule Bleu and today CEO and founder of ØPP, the first start-up studio dedicated to gamification.

For more information on the seminar, visit the HEC Executive School’s website.