Seminar: How to Initiate a Digital Transformation

Everyone around you is talking about digital and the need to embrace this technological surge. But you may be wondering where to start and what this means in concrete terms. Do you absolutely have to use AI? Is it necessary to recruit an army of developers? Or to make heavy investments? This seminar will provide you with answers.

This seminar is organised by the HEC Executive School  and the HEC Digital Lab.


  • 08:45 The fundamentals (Theoretical presentation and practical cases, followed by immediate application): ▶ From vision to strategic goal development ▶ The business model and its components ▶ The company on a page or the activity map
  • 13:00 Digital strategy (Theoretical presentation followed by immediate application): ▶ The inside/out perspective ▶ The myths of digital transformation ▶ Building a transformation plan
  • 17:30 End of the seminar


  • Nicolas NEYSEN

    Digital Transformation Lead // HEC Liège

Nicolas Neysen is currently Digital Transformation Lead at HEC Liège. He is in charge of coordinating various initiatives involving digital technologies and skills – from education to research, to projects and partnerships with external stakeholders interested in developing strong ties with the business school. In 2017, Nicolas published Stratégie des organisations (DeBoeck Supérieur).

For more information on the seminar, visit the HEC Executive Scool’s website.