Seminar: Protecting your company from cyber-criminal attacks

The stakes in cybersecurity have never been higher than they are right now. As we know, the Covid-19 crisis has strongly contributed to the increase of criminal attacks on the Internet. Securing an information system means ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and access to the data stored on it. This training aims to show how to protect your data, but also to detect potential attacks and deal with them effectively.

This seminar is organized by the HEC Digital Lab and HEC Liège Executive Education


  • 08:30 The basics of Internet security: ▶ The difference between security and safety: commonalities and limitations ▶ Countermeasure mechanisms: benefits and limitations for a company ▶ Best practices around backup: local VS. Cloud"
  • 10:45 Internet security basics (part 2): ▶ The concepts of critical infrastructure, hardware intrusion, fishing, backdoor, attack surface, etc. ▶ An introduction to risk analysis"
  • 13:45 Advanced security concepts: ▶ Types of networks and their vulnerabilities ▶ The lack of TCP/IP security ▶ Network protection: firewall, anti-virus, DMZ policy, public/private network, etc. ▶ Internal network VS. external network: teleworking, connecting personal equipment, etc.
  • 15:15 Advanced security concepts (part 2): ▶ Implemented attacks (DNS, ARP, Man in the browser) ▶ An introduction to cryptography (contract and signature) ▶ The need for web application security


  • Axel LEGAY

    Professor of Cybersecurity at Ecole polytechnique de Louvain
  • Sébastien LUGAN

    Engineer and PhD in engineering sciences

Axel Legay is a professor of cybersecurity at the Polytechnic of UCLouvain. As an internationally renowned expert, he was in charge of the implementation of the digital tracing application in Belgium in late spring 2020, as part of the struggle against Covid-19. Axel Legay is author or co-author of more than 300 scientific papers in the field of cybersecurity and the Internet of Things.

Sébastien Lugan is an engineer and has a PhD in engineering sciences. He is a senior researcher at UCLouvain. He is a specialist in deployment, securization, supervision and audit of communication networks. He teaches courses in communication networks at the Polytechnic of Louvain.

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