Seminar: Understanding the Blockchain

A training module to understand why blockchain technology is a crucial issue in many areas of the economy.

This seminar is organised by HEC Liège Executive Education and the Digital Lab.


  • 09:00 DAY 1: Welcoming participants
  • 09:30 Introduction & history of the Web ▶ Introducing the speakers & their backgrounds ▶ From Web1 to Web3, via Web2: an overview of the evolution of the Web
  • 10:45 The Blockchain - Key concepts ▶ How does the Blockchain work? ▶ How is the Blockchain inalterable? ▶ How is data added to the Blockchain? ▶ Overview of consensus algorithms (PoW & PoS)
  • 13:30 Bitcoin ▶ The ecosystem ▶ Monetary policy ▶ Mining ▶ Attack 51%
  • 15:15 Ethereum ▶ The ecosystem ▶ Proof-of-Work (PoW) vs Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ▶ EVM and Layer 2 ▶ Smart Contracts ▶ Standards (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-1155)
  • 16:15 Debrief of first day (if 2-day module) OR Conclusions and closing exchanges (if one-day module)
  • 09:00 DAY 2: An application of the Blockchain - Cryptocurrency ▶ Advantages & Disadvantages ▶ Passive Income ▶ The different categories of exchange platforms
  • 10:45 An application of the Blockchain - NFTs ▶ What is an NFT? ▶ How does it work? ▶ Use cases
  • 13:30 Hands-on ▶ Creating a wallet ▶ Security ▶ A first transaction
  • 15:15 Use cases ▶ Use of Blockchain technology among businesses (e.g. BMW, AbInbev, Starbucks, etc.).
  • 16:45 Conclusions and closing discussions


  • Henri Rion

    Cofondateur & CEO // Koopol
  • Kevin Klich Klich

    Expert crypto et blockchain // TK Consulting

Henri Rion is a problem solver with expertise in both finance and IT. He began his career in the financial industry (investment funds and mergers & acquisitions), but quickly focused on his passion: technology and the web. After founding the startup Koopol, an online price monitoring tool dedicated to brands and online retailers, he decided to invest 100% in web3, with the aim of building the next generation of the Internet.

Kevin Klich, better known as “Monsieur-TK” on the internet is a popularizer / content creator on the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. It was in 2016 that he embarked on the crypto adventure and developed a real passion for it. Since then, he has been sharing his knowledge with his community in videos, articles, conferences,…