Seminar: Create Added Value Thanks to Machine Learning

The volume of data collected by companies has exploded in recent years, leading to the concept of ‘Big Data’. If properly processed, this data represents a significant wealth of information, with immense potential to help the business improve its decision-making process. However, experience tends to show that, for many companies, exploiting this data remains a real challenge.

This seminar is organised by HEC Liège Executive Education and the Digital Lab.


  • 08:30 DAY 1 - Welcoming the participants
  • 09:00 ▶ Presentation of the fundamental concepts of machine learning - Types of machine learning algorithms - Learning processes - Understanding your data
  • 10:45 ▶ Case-study 1 - Application/implementation of AI within a company/field (production, finance, marketing,...)
  • 14:00 ▶ Presentation of some fundamental methods - Decision tree - Association rules (consumer basket analysis) - Clustering
  • 15:30 ▶ Business cases: Industrial AI applications developed at HEC Liège - Image recognition - Text/language processing - Customer Segmentation
  • 17:00 Debrief of the first day
  • 09:00 DAY 2 ▶ Case-study 2 - Application/implementation of AI within a company/field (production, finance, marketing,...)
  • 10:45 ▶ Case-study 3 - Bias and fairness - Presentation of (group) work: Selecting a problem that machine learning could solve
  • 14:30 Group work (Part 2): How to address the defini problem with machine learning? - What data, methods? - Best practice for implementation? - Expected impact, resistance to change?
  • 15:15 Presentation of the exercises
  • 17:00 Conclusions and closing discussions


  • Ashwin Ittoo

    Ashwin ITTOO

    Professor in Management Information Systems // HEC Liège

Ashwin Ittoo is a full Professor in Management Information Systems at HEC Liège and researcher at the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. He is a member of the editorial and review boards of several Elsevier journals, and has a strong international corporate background.

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