Seminar : New Digital Platform-Based Business Models

Digital platforms are increasingly present in our markets and in our lives as consumers. Amazon, Uber, Twitter and many others have, to a large extent, disrupted traditional industries. This workshop will show you why every organization should consider pursuing a business model innovation strategy by moving towards more digital platform based activities.



  • 08:45 Welcome of participants
  • 09:00 Introduction: Platforms, what are they about? ▶ A phenomenon that is far from recent: a brief historical overview of platform economy ▶ How has digital technology helped amplify the movement? ▶ Against which economic models does platform economy oppose?
  • 10:45 Understanding the theoretical fundamentals to better understand how a platform works ▶ Network externalities and multi-sided markets ▶ Solving the chicken and egg dilemma ▶ Common tactics to get your platform off the ground
  • 14:00 Revisiting management tools to fit the reality of platforms ▶ How to describe one' s value proposition in a compelling way? ▶ How to analyze one' s competitive environment as a platform? ▶ How to design one' s business model to convince investors?
  • 15:30 Taking advantage of the virtues of the platform model without changing the DNA of one's company ▶ The multiplicity of value creation modes among successful companies ▶ Managing to see the platform behind one's product ▶ From the concept of Make or Buy to Make or Plug
  • 17:00 Conclusions and closing discussion
  • 17:30 End of the seminar


  • Nicolas NEYSEN

    Digital Transformation Lead // HEC Liège

Nicolas Neysen is currently Digital Transformation Lead at HEC Liège. He is in charge of coordinating various initiatives involving digital technologies and skills – from education to research, to projects and partnerships with external stakeholders interested in developing strong ties with the business school. In 2017, Nicolas published Stratégie des organisations (DeBoeck Supérieur).

For more information on the seminar, visit the HEC Executive School’s website.